Ten commandments of choosing an Event planner for a Nigerian wedding

Just before you decide on the wedding planner you want to choose for your wedding, an expert in handling weddings and who will be instrumental in making sure goes according to your expectations and dreams .


This list informs you in detail, the  ten characteristics to look out for in your wedding planner before you choose her ;

1. Easy to contact and  readily accessible: 

She must be able to  return calls/reply messages/send mails promptly , responsive to your needs and have  contact details  that she can be easily reached in case she is not available. It does not make sense for an event planner to be responding to message weeks after an  inquiry has been sent.

A professional wedding planner should have Active phone number/email address/ social media pages and a website .

2. Well organised  and detailed : 

She must be  coordinated, have well laid out plans, alternate or backup plans in case the first option plans fails. She must be capable of paying attention to details, budgets, designs, costs, images, styles, color codes, . The little details make up the most important parts of the events . So every tiny,little point counts including the color of the serviettes.

Forget an event planner who is prone to distractions, loses focus easily, can not keep track of orders, unable to control or handle difficult situations, not calm or seem to have  a control of her emotions.

3. She Can Multitask:  

She should be creative, innovative, be flexible and can take on different roles as deemed appropriate.

Different situations calls for different approaches, various problems require various pragmatic solutions, Surprisingly there are wedding planners who have been known to act as usher/waiter/caterer/makeup artists/ Personal assistant/shopper/ hair stylist/ photographer/ gift wrapper/Dj/social media manager as the occasion demands for it.

Not necessarily that a wedding planner should have all these skills or be professionally trained in them. However she must be ready and willing to learn  to become equipped for roles she must take on in order for the event to go on smoothly and avoid disappointments.

4. Has good taste and style : 

A good wedding planner should have acquired  taste and style for  good things, she is a refection of what your wedding will be like. Although the wedding is about you, but your wedding planner should be up to date on the latest trends in wedding themes, styles, designs, decorations, know the most compatible types of weddings suited to her clients’ purposes.

It is a common belief that wedding planners are perfectionists, however a wedding planner should also have a fun side , weddings are meant to be funny, classy, lovely and exquisite with each guest and the couple having good memories of the day.

A good wedding planner makes a well planned wedding look flawless, each event seamlessly flowing into another without no one noticing how much is going on behind the scenes in order to achieve such perfection.

5. Has a  great sphere of  Influence: 

A professional wedding planer worth her salt understands  that the wedding /event industry thrives on building a connection of the right contacts, networking with other wedding planers, wedding and reception  venues , wedding suppliers, wedding vendors and event professionals . The need for creating and maintaining relationships with other wedding practitioners is not only for exposure , learning and keeping up with wedding trends but it is also to get better discounts and deals for clients .

It is advisable to beware of wedding planers who insist on their own vendors just because for the kickbacks they will get , you must also be convinced of the vendors they will be recommending and that they are qualified for the job. However , getting a wedding planner to handle the sourcing of vendors is easier and cheaper on the long run , she can help you secure great and better deals, arrange for refunds in case of disappointment, no show up or poor service delivery.

6. Well balanced , Has a listening hear and understanding  : 

She must  not be  imposing or commanding,  she has a listening ear, listens to all sides carefully before  making an informed decision, be attuned to her clients’ needs,  she can advice, suggest and also recommend but allows you freedom of choice and a final say in all decisions taken.

7. Good negotiation skills :

 In choosing your wedding planner, choose a person who has good communication skills, can calm frayed nerves, acts as a go between between vendors and clients, parents , family members, friends, negotiate for good prices, get good deals and effectively manage her resources to achieve great results.

Your wedding planner must understand all the legalities involved in getting married in Nigeria, can advise you on getting  a marriage license, prepare contracts  with vendors and wedding suppliers , negotiate agreements , arrange security and plan well ahead  for any eventuality .

8. Financially prudent : 

A  skilled wedding planner should be able to work according to budget , not o be extravagant , get carried away with high dreams, her feet must be firmly planted on the ground, know the prevalent  market prices, service cost . She must be able to prepare budgets, cost analysis for events and stick with it . Her goal should be not to make maximum profit, but to give the best services  to the client without going overboard, give remunerations for workers according to event industry rates and standards , ensure vendors are well paid for their services without anyone feeling shortchanged , cheated or duped.

9 . Comes highly recommended or referred by a trusted source;  

In case you are still confused on which wedding planner to settle for, ask for recommendations from trusted sources , better still ask  the potential wedding planner to show her  previous works (catalogs, social media pages, picture albums, videos ) , give referrals (previous clients or colleagues) that you can call or contact, ask to be  invited  to her  next events /jobs , so you can see how she and her team  handle live events .

Typically , friends and family members can be biased as to which wedding planner they will recommend to you, so ask from those who you will give you a professional opinion.

10. Trust your Instincts : 

Most importantly, trust your heart, wedding planning is a huge responsibility, it comes with the expectation of a high level of trust and working together, so it is of good advantage to hire a wedding planner you feel comfortable working within  relating to and trust to handle your fiances and your special day . There must be a connection and a common purpose of making sure your wedding urns out right and perfect.

Note : 

A wedding planner is not gender specific role, a male or female who are professionally trained are suitable for the position, but for the purpose of this post. I  have  used “She” , it can also be a “He” .

Wedding planning: Top ten factors that determines a perfect Garden/nature Wedding + Ibadan top gardens ideal for weddings

You have decided to have a wedding with the natural and outdoorsy feel to it, Now whether you are having it in an open field,  a backyard , local recreation park, a public building car park  , a public or private garden. The following tips are advisable to be put in place to ensure you have the perfect outdoor event. Also included are the top ideal garden locations for weddings in Ibadan.

Garden/nature  WeddingProps and design layout

1. A perfect plan : 

Consider food(Catered, barbecue or buffet)  type of reception, guest list, flow of human traffic, location, distance from central area, accessibility,  space allocation, design  e.t.c.

Don’t forget to have backup /alternative plans just to cover all bases. Rent all materials needed ahead and allow enough time to book the wedding location or for cancellation.

2. Safety 

This involves taking the necessary precautions, like adequate car parking lot, security, car attendants, no car should be left idling or unattended fires , also a canopy or small tent is necessary   to acts as protection from natural elements even when the weather forecasts are perfect. Winds, rains, hot blazing sun can sometimes be unpredictable . It is good to be always be prepared, ensure guests are comfortable and save yourselves unnecessary stress or lawsuits later.

It is also advisable to inform guests ahead on the need to dress appropriately, you can choose the dress code , no heels especially during the rainy period where heels can easily sink into earth.

3. Props and design layout :

The decoration, design and style of the outdoor space  is as important as the wedding itself. This will add aesthetics value, beautify the scene and create a perfect background to take good quality pictures for memories sake. Well maintained gardens such as  horticultural or botanical gardens need less decor and save you on decoration costs as the plants,flora ,  trees, shrubs even sometimes lake add so much grace and loveliness to the kind of ambiance you are trying to create  . Usually during the rainy season, the grass is greener and plants blossoms well, emitting sweet scents , however in a well kept garden, the time of season doesn’t really matter  as the plants are maintained/trimmed all year along .

The garden/outdoor space can also be prepped by the use of  natural looking  party props and proper garden styling. However to achieve maximum result, the wedding location should have been booked months/weeks ahead to give enough time for its preparation .  The wedding area can also be designed to make it look spacious and eye appealing.

4. Coordinated theme :

There are many  themes of  outdoor events to choose from including  rustic, vintage, country, magical, whimsical . The theme chosen must be coordinated and consistent throughout.  Each theme is differentiated in the type of props, designs ,colors,  linens, flowers, photo frames, centerpieces, chairs, food  used for the event.

5. Power: 

Do not forget power /electricity sources, get extensions or power cords and be certain to confirm with the site manager about power supply and outlets. Power is needed for the sound systems, lightnings(if used), Dj console, microphones and other electoncs.

6. Dance area : 

In designing the wedding space, a space should be created out as the dance floor. This is one of the advantage of an outdoor venue over an indoor space, there will be enough space for the dancing arena, enough to accommodate the couple and the guests without the fear of crowding.

7. Sitting arrangements /:

Tables , chairs should be setup a day before according to the seating plan, either in a cinema mode, or a cluster of ten or straight lines. The seating plan chosen will be as determined by the wedding coordinator/ event planner as he or she deems appropriate, taking into consideration the wishes of the hosts.

8. Personal touch : 

A personal touch is all that is needed to make the wedding unique, this can range from customized outfits, what the guest will be wearing, sentimental party favors/ souvenirs,

9. Create memories : 

Now that you will be achieving your dream of having a garden wedding, it is also equally important to create lasting memories. Asides hiring professional photographers, cinematographers to capture the special moments, you can also ask few selected friends/ guests to take and publish live videos, snap chats from your weeding and post with preselected hashtags. This will also create a personalized experience and allow those who wish to be at your wedding or weren’t invited to stay in touch and feel connected. More importantly, there are god memories you can look back on in future years with smiles, laughter and joy.

10. Achieve guest satisfaction: 

The wedding is just more than event, it is an experience. Make your guest comfortable and let them enjoy every moment. Provide restrooms/ mobile toilets , keep them entertained (games, fun), keep in mind children might also be present, they need to be engaged too.

Check out lovely garden pictures used as wedding venues below:

Ibadan top gardens

Top Ideal Garden venues in Ibadan 

1. Botanical gardens – University of Ibadan

2. Agodi parks and gardens – Agodi

3. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture , IITA, -Moniya

4. NPG gardens- Alao Akala way, Akobo

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Is there any I missed, please comment below and I will update as soon as possible.

I am sure by now you are already looking forward to your special day already. And cant wait to have a specially planned garden styled wedding. Yes, and I cant wait to share it with you.

Christina Adegbaju

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