Introduction: Nigerian Event planner (Typearls Events)

It is more than an event with us. It is an experience !
We will not use dazzling pictures or witty words to explain what we do because we are about results and skillful execution.

Who we are :
A team of event professionals led by an experienced event planner,Christina Adegbaju
What we do:
Event planning, On spot coordination, Party management during


Children’s Parties

Valedictory Service

School Graduation | Weddings


Neighborhood gatherings

Sales exhibitions



Party Packs



Activations …..

Location: Lagos,Ibadan and nationwide

Enjoy great Discounts from a veritable list of event vendor partners and venues.

Why we do it:
To provide you with an exceptional experience.
Let’s Wowww you

Standing By: 08038454123
WhatsApp: 0803845123
IG: Typearlsevents
The results will exceed your imagination!

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